Eurythmy Northwest Performance at Tacoma Waldorf School

Banyan and Branch, a Jataka Tale, Performed in the Movement Art of Eurythmy

Banyan1Eurythmy Northwest, pianist Marina Albero and student guest performers from the Tacoma Waldorf School will present the traditional Jataka tale  “Banyan and Branch” for familes and children (age 4 and up) on Thursday, March 24 2016 at 11:00 a.m., at Tacoma Waldorf School, 2710 N. Madison Street, Tacoma, WA 98407. Performance will be held in the Mason United Methodist Chapel.

In this Jataka tale (story of a life of the Buddha), a king’s heart is transformed by the selfless actions of a special golden deer.  The tale is paired with modern classical music and original compositions by Ms. Albero, and performed in the movement art of eurythmy, which transforms speech and music to movement and color.

The eurythmy troupe Eurythmy Northwest combines eurythmists from Washington and British Columbia and has been performing in the Pacific Northwest since 2004. They present a wide range of folk and fairy tales, poetry and musical pieces in schools, private institutions and public venues.

Banyan2Marina Albero comes from Barcelona with a wide perspective on music.  Marina plays piano, hammered dulcimer and vibes and has played with some of the most important artists of early, flamenco and latin music such as Chano Dominguez, l’Arpeggiata, Barbarito Torres (Grammy winner for Buenavista Social Club), Glen Velez, Pepe Habichuela, Carlos Saura, La Folata, Genara Cortés, Sara Flores, among others.

Performance is free, but a donation of $5-10 is suggested.

Contact: Chantal Hulet 253.383.8711 or