Tacoma Waldorf welcomes Starforest Kindergarten!

Last year our Starlight kindergarten experimented with more outdoor time in the format of spending one day per week completely out-of-doors at Tacoma’s lovely little Adriana Hess Audubon Center. This year, we’ve expanded our early childhood offerings as demand increases to include a second kindergarten! While our Starlight kindergarten will continue to be held exclusively at our current Proctor-area campus, our new Starforest kindergarten will spend two days a week adventuring in nearby Puget Creek Gardens and Natural Area! This 66-acre natural area has one of only three salmon-bearing streams in the city, and includes a .75 mile trail that provides an excellent venue near the school for our little adventurers to have some guided exploration on their forest days.

img_3080Our teachers have observed that a natural environment offers the ideal setting wherein a child may grow and develop freely, with the sort of enthusiasm and excitement sought after inside classrooms. By emphasizing the development of self-regulation, self-direction, and self-reflection, Tacoma Waldorf School’s Kindergarten Forest Days will provide the children with the educational foundation that will support them for the rest of their lives.

We are excited to launch this new kindergarten option for those families seeking more outdoor adventure time, but for those who enjoy the wonderful traditional Waldorf kindergarten meeting indoors with regular time spent outdoors daily, our Starlight Kindergarten will continue to nurture young souls in the way it always has! We look forward to meeting the needs of all kinds of families with these expanded early childhood opportunities!

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