The Working of the Spirit: A Continuation of Steiner’s Mystery Dramas

Saturday, March 21, 5 p.m., Tacoma Waldorf School

Join us for homemade soup and bread and a presentation about a continuation of Steiner’s Mystery Dramas.

Beginning with a failed initiation in the temples of Egypt, a group of friends meet again and again over several lifetimes until we find them in modern personalities working together in a furniture factory on the question of how to transform the business and finance operations of their company to be in alignment with what was being demanded from the spiritual world and yet meet the challenges of operating a sustainable business.

Passed down through the years, the Mystery Drama differs from other plays by showing on the stage the connection between the spiritual world and the earth; it reveals the activity of the spiritual beings who work from the heavens to help or hinder human beings in their earthly lives. For the classical Greek playwrights, such as Aeschylus, the involvement in daily human life of divine forces, personified in the gods and the furies, was a reality that they allowed to appear on stage.

This new story brings to life the interworking of human karma and beings of the spiritual world through verdant images, speech, music, and movement. In 2012 after the completion of a tour of the last of Steiner’s dramas, producer Marke Levene imagined a continuation of the story in a new play. Levene shared his notes with playwright and actor Michael Hedley Burton, who was inspired to write a script for the new work.

Our evening will include a presentation from Marke Levene and Edward Schuldt, actor and consultant, about how the story The Working  of the Spirit came into being, as well as an excerpt from The Soul’s Awakening, one of Steiner’s Mystery Dramas.

Steiner studied and wrote about a great number of topics including education and biodynamic farming, but many people don’t know he also wrote four dramas known as the Mystery Dramas. Originally written in German from 1910-1913, the plays have been re-produced and acted by groups around the world.

The Working of the Spirit is a community of individuals worldwide who study the various works of Rudolf Steiner and share them with the world through the arts, primarily through performance of Shakespeare, Steiner’s Mystery Dramas, and Symphonic Eurythmy.