The Board of Trustees, the faculty, and Executive Council share the governance of Tacoma Waldorf School. The Administrative Director and the Faculty Leads form the Executive Council, and serve together in an administrative role.

Board of Trustees

Milling at our fall Michaelmas celebration.The Board of Trustees is responsible for the legal and financial well being of the school. The Board is comprised of parents, grantparents, former parents, community members, and the Administrative Director and Faculty Representative as ex-officio members. The Board works hand in hand with our community, development committee, outreach committee, parents, faculty, and staff. One of the Board’s most important goals is to expand community involvement and school wide communication so that the school community understands the role of the Board in the life of school. The Board takes seriously its role as guardian of the school and its future.

Our current Board of Trustees includes:

  • Mindy McDaniels, President
  • David von Moritz, Vice President
  • Barbara Weist, Secretary
  • Nick Zimmer, Treasurer
  • Jayson Owens
  • Callie Cruchon
  • Chrissy Blair
  • Grant Stone
  • Diana Bullen

For information about joining the board or attending a board meeting contact:

Parent Association

Baking in kindergarten--learning the fine art of cooperation!While not a “pillar” in our governance structure, the Parent Association is important to our model. A community-building organization, the Parent Association serves as the vehicle for full parental involvement in the life of the school community. They actively support the work of the Board and faculty and contribute to the well-being of the school community.