Tours & Open Houses

Waldorf Experience


Teachers greet their students with an individual handshake and eye contact every day.

Come to a Waldorf Experience held two or three times per year to participate in Waldorf Education’s unique teaching approach that integrates the arts throughout its curriculum. We will begin with a small discussion and then participate in the early childhood and grades classrooms as a student. This event is open to parents of enrolled students and parents interested in Waldorf Education for their children.

Walk through the Grades Tours


Beauty is everywhere in the Waldorf classroom.

Tours are typically held on the first Wednesday of each month. Observe our grades classrooms in action, followed by a Q & A with our Faculty Chair. These grades tours are for adults only, please. Please RSVP.

For tour dates and other public events such as lectures and festivals, please see our calendar or contact enrollment at or 253.383.8711. If you don’t see an event listed on our calendar that works for you, please contact our office, we will be happy to schedule a visit for you.