Arts are integrated throughout the curriculum.Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, Waldorf schools were created with the intent to meet society’s needs in a new way by fostering healthy, whole, truly free human beings. Teachers teach to the whole child—head, heart, and hands—using a multi-sensory approach. This proven methodology has its emphasis on a developmental curriculum that is taught artistically, integrating movement, drawing, music, storytelling, and rhythm throughout. Each child’s unique gifts are honored in a healthy safe and nurturing social environment. Nourishment of the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of each child is integrated with the development of intellectual capacities, allowing learning to become a lifelong passion along with developing an ability to work with others to put that learning to service in the world.

Preschool and kindergarten children enjoy a warm healthy snack every day.Long before educational research confirmed the idea of ‘multiple intelligences,’ Rudolf Steiner understood the need to align and diversify teaching for different learning styles. Waldorf teachers are dedicated to cultivating a natural love of learning in their students, developing their intrinsic motivation and essentially teaching them how to joyfully teach themselves, a resource they will be able to draw on throughout their lives. Waldorf education strives to produce human beings who are capable themselves of imparting purpose and direction to their lives.

    • Innovation & creativity are founded on imagination.
    • Skills & knowledge stem from clear thinking and joy in learning.
    • Effectiveness in adult endeavors requires strength of will.
    • Personal success depends on well-developed social intelligence.
    • Personal happiness requires room for spiritual growth.

Waldorf philosophy is idealistic. We believe that the fulfillment of human potential in the individual serves the growth and development of humanity. It is also our highest hope for a future of global cooperation and peace.

Waldorf education curriculum chart